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“The last 2 months I’ve been with ATX, I’ve had greater gains in range of motion than I had the previous 2 years.”

– Jim B.

“I enjoy the feedback from the people in the class who have seen advances in their mobility, less back-pain, and we just get some really good marks even from new people.”

– Leonard C.

Personal Trainer

“The Authentic Therapeutix (ATX) treatment I received from Elizabeth Logue was both relaxing and challenging for me. I felt very peaceful afterwards and want to continue getting treatments.”

– Dr. Marilyn D, Gerontologist

CEO, Age Well Senior Service, Inc

Diagnosis: Lower Back Spinal Surgery / Lower Back Pain


“Authentic Therapeutix (ATX) nourishes and refuels the spirit, mind and body, enhancing energy and attitude for a healthy lifestyle. My carnal state can misperceive the daily obligations and duties as stress and burdens that manifests in neck and shoulder muscle tension prohibiting ease of motions. Elizabeth identified and personalized the right combination of principles to promote muscle balance and proper joint alignment. After the session, the range of motion in my neck improved and I was able to move with fluid motions. Most importantly, during the session through prayer and scripture, ATX focuses to our Father God as our source of power, strength and sustainment.”

– Laurie C.
Occupational Therapist
Diagnosis: Right Shoulder Cuff Repair due to traumatic injury, neck and shoulder girdle muscle tension.

“ATX therapy is a great way to actively relax the mind and body while performing gentle whole body stretching and strengthening. The fact that the class is taught by a physical therapist ensures targeted and safe interventions for those with musculoskeletal pathology. I highly recommend ATX therapy for active relaxation of the body and mind.”

Adam S.

Physical Therapist

“I have been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer for 14 years and have seen numerous benefits from exercise. Depression lifts, strength increases, flexibility and balance improve. In addition the metabolic rate is raised which increases energy.

“Since May 2012 I have been a part of ATX with Elizabeth Logue, which is a core and back training program. We meet every Tuesday night at Saddleback Church.

“People who have been attending the class on a regular basis have shown an increase in strength, endurance and have less back pain.The program was designed by Elizabeth and incorporates relaxation, yoga, Pilates and strength training.”


“Elizabeth uniquely combines stretching, progressive muscle relaxation, proper breathing, and core stabilization activities into one highly effective class with an awesome spiritual component.

“Participants in the class have exhibited improved flexibility and strength, as well as reporting a gradual decrease in pain, without the stress that traditional exercise often creates for persons with back issues. I love her class and continue to recommend it for many of my own patients.”

Julie Holt

Physical Therapist

“Elizabeth is amazing! We hosted a Chocolate, Wine and Yoga event at O’Connor Mortuary (yes, at the mortuary) for our community partners in healthcare. Elizabeth led us through a 40-minute yoga session that included sensory stimulation with chocolate. We ended with wine tasting. The evening was a HUGE success! Everyone left feeling de-stressed, relaxed and inspired. We can’t wait to host our next event with Elizabeth.”

Becky Lomaka

Director of Community Development, O’Connor Mortuary


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