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ATX Silver is a modified seated program for older adults and seniors which integrates guided meditation, breath work, active relaxation, progressive muscular relaxation, gentle static and dynamic stretching, and chair yoga to foster a state of improved flexibility and breathing, reduced pain and discomfort, greater mobility, and complete rest and relaxation.

Studies have shown that relaxation and muscular relaxation can boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease inflammation which is linked to many diseases, and decrease symptoms from irritable bowel syndrome.

Other benefits include more energy, better sleep, improved concentration, less anger, crying, anxiety and frustration, less headaches and pain, reduced stress, and boosting confidence to handle problems – just to name a few.

ATX Silver is appropriate for any age and any physical and/or mental ability. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about ATX Silver or would like to find an ATX Silver class near you.

Below are a few testimonials.  To view more testimonials about ATX Silver,  click here.

“After the class our participants appear alert, relaxed, and they leave with higher spirits. Many of the participants have also commented to the staff that they love the class and look forward to it every week.”

– Roya Hakimi, M.S.W, Program Director, South County Adult Day Services

“The ATX Silver class has helped to improve my breathing, my Left arm which was affected by a stroke is moving better, I feel very relaxed and have less stress. I find the program so beneficial, that I try to do some of the breathing and mobility exercises Elizabeth teaches at home. I am very impressed with the program. It is wonderful! I would encourage others to try it if they want to move better, have more endurance and feel relaxed.”

– Javier, ATX Silver Enthusiast


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