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“I started ATX when I was 8 months pregnant and this class helped me to relieve my stress and also helped me have a fast and easy labor. I LOVE this class!!”


Sheepfold Mom

“I first started ATX when I was going through a rough moment with both of my kids, but especially the younger one. It was a way for me to release my stress and give my time to God and just lay everything down to rest. Thank You!!”

– Violet

Sheepfold Mom


“I’ve done yoga and extreme exercise/cross train before. They teach you strength, endurance and then tell you to find your center and be one with your maker. But this class shows you how to breathe, center yourself and be one with God. After the class, the pressures I felt in my neck, shoulders, back and even face were relieved and relaxed.”

– Corrine

Sheepfold Mom


“This (ATX) has been so helpful to the moms at our shelter. With so many of their hours spent meeting their children’s basic needs and the anxiety they feel towards the future, ATX is a welcome break. It is the calm anchor in the rough seas. After each session, they are at peace, rested and ready to meet the day ahead. Thank YOU!!”


Sheepfold Shelter Manager


“I have been an American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer for 14 years and have seen numerous benefits from exercise. Depression lifts, strength increases, flexibility and balance improve. In addition the metabolic rate is raised which increases energy.

“Since May 2012 I have been a part of ATX with Elizabeth Logue, which is a core and back training program. We meet every Tuesday night at Saddleback Church.

“People who have been attending the class on a regular basis have shown an increase in strength, endurance and have less back pain.The program was designed by Elizabeth and incorporates relaxation, yoga, Pilates and strength training.”


“As soon as I walked into the Elizabeth’s class, I felt at home and very welcomed.  Elizabeth’s classes are calming, serene, and inviting while also being upbeat and definitely joyful.  The practice is mindful and deep while also providing a challenge.

“I feel that I can pause in my day, return to myself through the ATX Program, and leave feeling more centered and mindful.  As an HR Professional I highly recommend the ATX Program to employers, as there are many beneficial factors including stress relief, improved health and increased productivity.  These are all benefits that every employer appreciates.”

Leslie Giordano

Human Resources Administrator


“The youth housed at the Huntington Beach Youth Shelter are always excited to see Elizabeth, who has been kind and generous enough to donate her time to lead yoga class every few weeks. Many of our children have found her yoga to facilitate a calming environment that helps teach them healthy coping skills and positive alternatives to relieving stress and anxiety.

“Elizabeth is a role model for our youth, integrating lessons such as body nourishment and character building through her teachings. She is positive and enthusiastic when working with the youth. Residents become focused, engaged, and respond well to her class. We are fortunate for Elizabeth, and all she has contributed to the Shelter.”

Huntington Beach Youth Shelter


“Elizabeth is amazing! We hosted a Chocolate, Wine and Yoga event at O’Connor Mortuary (yes, at the mortuary) for our community partners in healthcare. Elizabeth led us through a 40-minute yoga session that included sensory stimulation with chocolate. We ended with wine tasting. The evening was a HUGE success! Everyone left feeling de-stressed, relaxed and inspired. We can’t wait to host our next event with Elizabeth.”

Becky Lomaka

Director of Community Development, O’Connor Mortuary


“We loved having Elizabeth come in to the mortuary to do an ATX class with our healthcare partners. Elizabeth is a great instructor who creates an environment in which everyone can participate. She had us focus on our breathing and centering ourselves so by the end of the class we were feeling relaxed and at peace. It was a great way to end the day and a wonderful reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves. Namaste.”

Neil O’Connor

President & CEO of O’Connor Mortuary


“I  am so glad I met Elizabeth!  🙂 She is a real GIFT.   She is ‘others-centered. ‘   She has a genuine  passion for blessing others and helping others live life more fully, regardless, of  disabilities, challenges and limitations.  She teaches best that which she is:  an ATX –model. Her life-journey makes her a credible example.  Her expertise, professionalism, in addition, her optimism and hopeful attitude is refreshing contagious energy.

“I will share how I am benefiting personally from  ATX.  I like how simple it is to do whether with her in a class for a 30-minute session (always enjoyable) or on my own using the ATX DVD.

“ATX is practical ‘coping’ tools and techniques that help me better manage stress and anxiety. I  have always been a high-energy, “go-go,  non- stop”  person, in fact my nickname is Zippy! 🙂 I have enjoyed good health and energy my entire life. What a blessing! Unfortunately, relaxing has not been high on my priority list.

“However, since I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, 13 months ago,  I am learning that I need to make some life changes and give myself permission to relax.  It’s essential for my body, mind and spirit.  I’m trying to tell myself to stop and be OK with my stillness and quietness.  It is a choice, a skill and an art that requires desire, work and practice.  ATX is helping me learn how to be comfortable with my silence (stillness, quietness), to relax by breathing, stretching, and practicing mindfulness — staying focused and fixed on one thing at a time.  To practice being in the moment— the here-and-now.

“Since beginning ATX, I realize re-wiring my brain and adapting to new practices and habits takes time, but I am convinced of the benefits.  I am committed to keep practicing and making it a way of life.”

– Zina

Diagnosis: Parkinson’s disease

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