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“I just feel better all around since taking the ATX class.  It is so relaxing, but yet we move every part of our bodies.  Also, it is a class that anybody can do; the movements are slow and easy to follow. I look forward to the class.”

– Krishan


“ATX Silver is a great class.  Elizabeth is a great instructor.  I feel like I am moving better and have more energy since I began taking ATX.  I would definitely recommend it to others.”

– Tavia


“I have known and been proud to have worked with Elizabeth Logue for over ten (10) years. She has provided Professional service to Residents of Granny’s Place through all this time. This includes both one-on-one individual physical therapy and exercise therapy, and group therapy, including her current Chair Yoga class.

“I have also known Elizabeth from her work with Age Well Senior Services Adult Day Program. As a member of their Advisory Board I continually hear Rave exclamations of the program she runs to help keep people remain active and safe with physical exercise designed carefully for each person’s ability.

“At Granny’s Place she has kept Residents’ active, walking and engaged long beyond the time they would have achieved that without her carefully designed individual program. This individual approach includes not only the Residents’ physical capabilities, but their psychological and cognitive mind set as well. The end result is Residents look forward to her coming to work with them and thrive from what she gives them.

“Elizabeth’s more recent work with Chair Yoga has not only enriched the lives of our Residents, it has provided relaxation and stress reduction in addition to the physical benefit of the program. It is also a bonding exercise shared by Residents and Caregivers alike. It has an additional team building benefit.

“Through all these years of working with Elizabeth, I am most impressed with her dedication to and understanding of the Elderly population, and of her continual efforts to be creative and incorporate new approaches to make her programs fun as well as physically and psychologically beneficial. I recommend her MOST highly. The Residents of Granny’s Place are better because of what she brings to them.”

 – Ronald P. Simpson, Ph.D., MBA

President of Granny’s Place, Inc.



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