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ATX is not only about healing bodies and minds, but communities too. By partnering with great local organizations, ATX can provide a healthier lifestyle, pain and stress relief, or simply an hour to be quite, still and present.

Listed below are a few of the organizations working with ATX. If you feel like your organization would be a great fit to partner with ATX, please contact us.saddleback-logo-2015-present


A shelter for homeless, abused and forsaken women with children


Helps homeless adults achieve independence

Sheepfold Testimonials

“This (ATX) has been so helpful to the moms at our shelter. With so many of their hours spent meeting their children’s basic needs and the anxiety they feel towards the future, ATX is a welcome break. It is the calm anchor in the rough seas. After each session, they are at peace, rested and ready to meet the day ahead. Thank YOU!!” – JJ, [Sheepfold Shelter Manager]

“I’ve done yoga and extreme exercise/cross train before. They teach you strength, endurance and then tell you to find your center and be one with your maker. But this class shows you how to breathe, center yourself and be one with God. After the class, the pressures I felt in my neck, shoulders, back and even face were relieved and relaxed.” – Corrine

“I first started ATX when I was going through a rough moment with both of my kids, but especially the younger one. It was a way for me to release my stress and give my time to God and just lay everything down to rest. Thank You!!” – Violet

“I started ATX when I was 8 months pregnant and this class helped me to relieve my stress and also helped me have a fast and easy labor. I LOVE this class!!” – Nicole

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