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ATX Cardiac Medical Lifestyle Program

A completely new program of cardiac health promotion and stress management to focus on the special needs of heart patients and their spouses. The ATX Cardiac Medical Lifestyle Program is modeled after the internationally renowned program developed by M. Mala Cunningham, Ph.D. (go to for details) in conjunction with cardiologists and a board of directors.

This comprehensive program integrates the best practices of physical therapy, cardiac yoga, gentle stretching, meditation, breath work, progressive muscle relaxation, and healing imagery techniques.

ATX Cardiac Medical Lifestyle includes group discussion, heart-healthy meal planning, educational seminars and lifestyle goal setting.  The intention of the program is to improve overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being for the participant.

ATX Business

A truly unique corporate wellness program that is built around the mental, emotional, and physical health benefits of ATX.

ATX Health Care Clients

ATX is an ideal workout experience to bring to any health care community, whether that be active professionals or patients needing relaxation.  ATX’s yoga events can be customized to meet any audience need and can offer Seated Yoga for clients who want a less intensive yoga experience.  Clients suffering from chronic pain, critical illness, joint replacement or orthopedic surgery, memory impairment, etc. have experienced relief using ATX.

ATX Community

ATX is not only about healing bodies and minds, but communities too. By partnering with great local organizations, ATX can provide a healthier lifestyle, pain and stress relief, or simply an hour to be quiet, still and present.

ATX Silver

A modified seated program for older adults and seniors that integrates guided meditation, breath work, active relaxation, progressive muscular relaxation, gentle static and dynamic stretching, and chair yoga to foster a state of improved flexibility and breathing, reduced pain and discomfort, greater mobility, and complete rest and relaxation.

Chocolate, Wine & Yoga | Fusion Events

This all-sensory experience samples wine & chocolate from the comfort of your chair or yoga mat as you stretch, meditate, and relax.

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