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“Elizabeth Logue conducted an ATX program for a group of Edward Jones folks in Santa Barbara and she did an incredible job. We received great feedback from the participants. They said it was relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I thought she captured the audience’s attention early on and was able to keep them completely engaged throughout the experience. I would recommend her to any group looking for a unique way to add value to their meeting or event. WELL DONE!”

– Eric Connella, AAMS

Edward Jones, Regional Leader of San Diego & Financial Advisor

“I love having our ATX class at the end of the day since it gives me a reason to take a few minutes to relax, clear my mind and release the built-up tensions of the day.  Even though I go back and finish my work, it’s as if I’ve taken a mini vacation.”

–  Judye

Marketing Manager, Freedom Village

“As soon as I walked into the Elizabeth’s class, I felt at home and very welcomed.  Elizabeth’s classes are calming, serene, and inviting while also being upbeat and definitely joyful.  The practice is mindful and deep while also providing a challenge.

“I feel that I can pause in my day, return to myself through the ATX Program, and leave feeling more centered and mindful.  As an HR Professional I highly recommend the ATX Program to employers, as there are many beneficial factors including stress relief, improved health and increased productivity.  These are all benefits that every employer appreciates.”

Leslie Giordano

Human Resources Administrator


“Elizabeth is amazing! We hosted a Chocolate, Wine and Yoga event at O’Connor Mortuary (yes, at the mortuary) for our community partners in healthcare. Elizabeth led us through a 40-minute yoga session that included sensory stimulation with chocolate. We ended with wine tasting. The evening was a HUGE success! Everyone left feeling de-stressed, relaxed and inspired. We can’t wait to host our next event with Elizabeth.”

Becky Lomaka

Director of Community Development, O’Connor Mortuary


“We loved having Elizabeth come in to the mortuary to do an ATX class with our healthcare partners. Elizabeth is a great instructor who creates an environment in which everyone can participate. She had us focus on our breathing and centering ourselves so by the end of the class we were feeling relaxed and at peace. It was a great way to end the day and a wonderful reminder of the importance of taking care of ourselves. Namaste.”

Neil O’Connor

President & CEO of O’Connor Mortuary


“I have known and been proud to have worked with Elizabeth Logue for over ten (10) years. She has provided Professional service to Residents of Granny’s Place through all this time. This includes both one-on-one individual physical therapy and exercise therapy, and group therapy, including her current Chair Yoga class.

“I have also known Elizabeth from her work with Age Well Senior Services Adult Day Program. As a member of their Advisory Board I continually hear Rave exclamations of the program she runs to help keep people remain active and safe with physical exercise designed carefully for each person’s ability.

“At Granny’s Place she has kept Residents’ active, walking and engaged long beyond the time they would have achieved that without her carefully designed individual program. This individual approach includes not only the Residents’ physical capabilities, but their psychological and cognitive mind set as well. The end result is Residents look forward to her coming to work with them and thrive from what she gives them.

“Elizabeth’s more recent work with Chair Yoga has not only enriched the lives of our Residents, it has provided relaxation and stress reduction in addition to the physical benefit of the program. It is also a bonding exercise shared by Residents and Caregivers alike. It has an additional team building benefit.

“Through all these years of working with Elizabeth, I am most impressed with her dedication to and understanding of the Elderly population, and of her continual efforts to be creative and incorporate new approaches to make her programs fun as well as physically and psychologically beneficial. I recommend her MOST highly. The Residents of Granny’s Place are better because of what she brings to them.”

 – Ronald P. Simpson, Ph.D., MBA

President of Granny’s Place, Inc.



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